Monday, September 19, 2011

Why People Want the World's Most Expensive Cars?

Okay, I admit. If you read this, I feel like going out all day, or else the car is its price category of fantasy. This can be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or something had to be less, but it does at any given time. No matter if you're not alone. We are all at the same time or other. Then, when someone else is taking the lead in an object of his affection, something like an exorcist roundabout. Frankly, it was considered a threat to things as a status symbol. Seriously, we all go. I've never heard of but do not know if the Ferrari driver simply diverted to other causes of the accident. It can happen!
I'm not here to dwell on the negative aspects of these vehicles, however. I prefer to be to our attention, to win his case. Let me give two reasons why I think they are so popular. In fact, it's just me, but if you write something, the beauty: You can say whatever you want. So here's what I think the main reason why these cars have our saliva.
Rarity: This feature will capture the eyes of others, regardless of their interest in birds, baseball cards, or fossils. If you are the owner of a rare trip to meet his eyes, his head to collect, so you can actually drink. Because of things, at least we have some degree of interest. Each director, often to attract attention. Moreover, as we all see as unique, I think it means secret of the unique nature of the world. I also want to give us unique in the fact that this car is forced to question now is not it?
Status: If you can see, Ferrari, you know, he had no money, that man possesses. Much more. If you can handle one of these beautiful cars, it is obvious what happened. So maybe some of us hope that these cars because the car is not so, but because it represents the financial excesses of the dream that many of us.
As I said, it should not be interpreted as a negative comment. There is a desire in my heart there is nothing wrong with that. I see them very human. I'm glad there are people who do and whenever you can afford, so they can catch.

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