Monday, September 26, 2011

New Audi Q5 Car - An Overview

Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer. The company's headquarters in Ingolstadt. It produces cars in the small car field for the crossover SUV body styles and prices in the market under the brand Audi. Audi is positioned as a premium brand within the Volkswagen Group.
Audi Q5, at first glance looks like a younger brother of the Q7. It's like a baby SUV Audi Q-Series. However, features like its compact size and is heavily loaded with the latest technology. Audi Q5 is the first foray into the compact SUV. Q5 first appearance in the European market in 2008 to life. Audi Q5 coming to India as completely built unit (CBU) directly from the Audi plant in Ingolstadt, Germany.
Fuel Economy
10.9/15.2 km / l (city / highway), 3.0-liter V6 TDI9.6/13.7 km / l (city / highway), 2.0-liter I4 FSI
Engines available
3.0L TDI V6 turbo, 236 hp, diesel2.0L FSI turbocharged I4, 208 hp, diesel
Available Transmissions
7-speed S Tronic
• Quattro All-Wheel Drive.• Long wheelbase.• large boot.
• Three different engines.• Spacious interior.• high energy efficiency.
• Take a fresh look. Pastiche is very similar to the Audi Q7.
Characterization• The grill has four towers and respected, which is marked with the logo of Audi.• The structure of sport / body and curved glass windows with a fixed flat to the railing as a file with the same features as this one.• Their existence is a powerful and magnetic, and admired and inspiring presence that is a great spectator.• That long wheelbase, the stability• The elegant interior design, which is the general characteristics of the Audi strikes the viewer with ease.• Do not use the best materials in the manufacture of vehicles, giving a feeling of luxury.• Drive a car majestically on alloy wheels of 17 inches, which are carved and in good standing with the hood a little later, the car will react aggressively.• It is loaded with the latest devices and gadgets such as automatic climate control and premium audio system.• It also has safety systems such as six airbags, system, drive four-wheel drive Quattro system, tire pressure and burglar alarm.
Powertrain & Performance
Audi Q5 is available in two petrol variants and diesel. Gasoline engine with 208 horsepower 2.0-liter 4-cylinder. A diesel engine and 236 hp 3.0-liter V6. Both involve the electronic transfer of 7 S.
Audi Q5, Audi Drive Select. This feature makes it easy for drivers to drive, because you can change the dynamic suspension tuning and steering behavior of a button. There is also a function where the parameters of the disc between the levels of comfort, automatic and dynamic can be adjusted.

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