Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Choose the Right Car Cover

With so many car covers on the market, it is so difficult to distinguish what you are getting the money to prepare and level of protection that his pride and joy.
We have written this article to help you make an informed decision. First, we must ask what qualities must have a cover of a car?

Breathing: A lid can be sealed, but may be caused by moisture trapped under the cover of condensation or moisture in the tanks of different under the hood. A deck must be of breathable material so moisture can evaporate through the fabric. Be careful not breathable fabric with ventilation holes placed in the roof line, for example, when no hole is formed, moisture.

Not hygroscopic natural fibers like cotton are hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs the moisture of the surrounding atmosphere, and if it gets wet, not what is needed when trying to preserve the health of their joy and pride. Artificial materials are a good choice for car roofs, as they are not hygroscopic.

Dust: A cover of the most important needs for a car, the vehicle will be pollution from dust and dirt from the exterior paint. As indicated, should be covered breathable to do this is to cover a small hole in the material. However, to ensure good properties of dust, the coverage should be the multilayer structure, layers of breathable material, which are the holes in each line must pass.

No Scratch: car cover, no matter how soft and luxurious scratches when placed into a non-washed. Therefore, it is always important to cover a parking space in a clean machine. The material should cover the car a smooth inner lining, which also helps prevent the scratches are introduced in the layer, when the cover on and off. It 'also desirable that covers washed regularly to remove dust / sand particles that accumulate over time.

Good form: a tight lid that looks good and is functional, but the closure of a good cover (designed as complete), there is sufficient air exchange to avoid a trap. Coverage, which extends over a vehicle tends to allow the texture of the fabric dust filter through the opening. For these reasons, fully customized covers is recommended only for clean dehumidified garages. Cover is too big and can hit the ground wheat and collect dirt and harmful particles sliding the car at all.
Outdoor deck

Waterproof: although you should cover the parking lot of water resistance is good, 100% waterproof, so that leads to the inability to breathe through the roof and air circulation. So, to provide multiple layers of materials with high resistance to water and air can circulate.

UV protection: It is important to protect your vehicle against UV rays, when not in use, because these rays to make over time, lose your tires, rubber seals to dry the paint to become dull. Each cover has a UV filter, but a bright color like silver or white reflects the sun, the car stops in a cool, dark color. (Dark colors absorb UV rays, leading to an accumulation of heat).

Straps to secure: One of the biggest risks of using the outer shell moves with the wind and the friction of the painting. To avoid this, the cover should have a hem and elastic waist and tie in front of the rear of the vehicle in two locations (the police and turn) to maintain security, to provide cover.
Coverage Summary
Ideally, car and motorcycle cover / must be halved, making it a good choice, but not too tight and a multi-layer, breathable fabric. Fully coordinated covers should be used only in controlled environments, where they can generate dust and moisture. This includes coverage offers the best protection for your car as a semi-custom is its only advantage is that they are based, looking at the lines of the car, even with the lid. The next area to consider car / motorcycle storage are "bubbles". Please see our separate article on this topic.

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  1. Car covers are essential as they saves car from direct sunlight and dust, by using car covers car remains with good condition.