Sunday, September 25, 2011

Washing Your Car In Hot Weather

Ideally, usually not groped to wash your car during hot weather or direct sunlight from a variety of reasons, the main one is that the residues of shampoo and rinse quickly on the surface of the paint stains are ugly stains stains deterioration 'water, which can often be difficult to remove, and can actually damage the paint in some cases.
However, it is not always possible to wash cars in shade or just full of cold, especially if you live in a very sunny and warm, and if you wash your car in the heat is usually inevitable. If so, then you should try even if not necessarily in the fight against heat, safe and convenient car wash, a number of things can be done and precautions taken to reduce the amount of water can dry to minimize the surface and must have reduce the potential damage done.
The only sensible thing to do when you must wash your car in direct sunlight or heat, wash first in the morning before the heat of the sun really starts to move, or later in the evening, when temperatures dropped and the sun is low in the sky. As for washing in the shade, but it is not possible due to time constraints or problems with noise, etc., so if you are forced to wash in the heat of the day, then the most important thing you can do is make sure you apply for a suitable shampoo.
There are some shampoo products that are much more suitable for use in protection against heat and direct sunlight. You should opt for a car wash pH is a light, soft and friendly neutral wax formula that the ingredients are natural qualities preferably contains at least in part it is. It 'important that you do your research and find a product suitable for use as an inferior product, or sharp increase significantly the likelihood of persistent residues are marked Bell said.
Depending on where you live, hard water can be a problem and can contribute significantly to water stains and streaks in the wash of heat. Deposits and contaminants in the water evaporates and the adhesive to dry the surface after the current flows and deposits that cause these ugly and difficult to remove marks on the surface of his painting. There, the specialist filtration systems available to remove debris and clean water for washing is really in direct sunlight and do not die with the water points are left, even if the machine is not dry:!
It 'really ideal for the hot wash, but these units can be very expensive and a lot of time and effort to add the car wash process, so now let's assume that you are not a filter and washed with water quality water was provided and other things that make all the water stains and damage can be minimized by concentrating.
To wash it in the heat of the best things on the car before wetting is to make sure you have set all the equipment and products, and at your fingertips. If the shampoo bucket to be filled if the garden hose or pressure washer to be connected and turned on and make sure that the tube long enough to easily get around the car completely, and then all the other tools and brushes, etc., must be placed in the district . This reduces the risk of drying the surface water is to spend less time moving and handling during washing.
Before cleaning the body wash and other conditions of the wheels must be washed and only because this will reduce the water that is left blank on the vehicle body. Contrary to wash in a cool, but all the cars should be washed in a single step. Instead, wash and rinse a panel at a time, starting at the top of the vehicle and how they work, also the first dish is rinsed, first to reduce the temperature of the surface and make sure it is moist and well lubricated contact for washing.
Even if it never drops when you wash your car, you can use the wait a bit 'longer in cold conditions and, above all, make sure to work in a methodical and efficient. After all the dishes washed and rinsed sufficiently separated, you must give all the car a final rinse carefully to ensure that any remaining foam and shampoo residues are completely removed and that all the wetlands dry first. It is therefore necessary to move quickly on land with a suitable microfibre towel.
Atomization for assistance should ideally be applied to wet the sponge first car, because this will help reduce water spots and streaks sec. After drying, you should pay particular attention to areas where water accumulates, such as mirrors, moldings and veneers, which are reflected in water, then drain can be attributed to the paint and cause unpleasant dripping hot, the third frame after a break cars dried up. The door is closed and dry to eliminate standing water and the doors opening and closing will help solve the water more completely into the trap, which may be approved by the end of the drying process.
It 'important to note that if the vehicle has been properly polished and waxed, then it will be much easier to wash sealed - reducing the amount of time that is in heat, and a well prepared surface, the amount reduced to permanent water, after rinse, which reduces the amount of water stains and water marks can all be removed easily, since the deposit is not able to access the surface of the paint, as they sit in place of wax or sealant protection. It is therefore useful to consider this, you probably need to wash your car in direct sunlight or heat regularly.
One last thing to consider is the use of a product without water washing cars and retail high quality spray, get your car after a first wash down and prevent the infection once, and the ' wash water and shampoo in the heat is not meant to be. Therefore, the possibility that the surface is marked as damaged by water, but must be done at regular intervals and the car only if they are not heavily contaminated, the damage in the form of scratches and swirl marks are added to avoid.

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