Saturday, October 1, 2011

Safely Restraining Your Dog In The Car

Not so long ago that people do not have much of their dogs in a temporary car. But it is a good idea, both for security and safety of the dog people in the car. The dog may distract the driver or stroke resulting from an accident, and always self-mutilation.
The boxes are often recommended to contain the dog in the car. This is when you have enough room for dogs that are used in large boxes. For others, it can become very uncomfortable. However, it is the only practical way for some dogs, do not drive all the confidence in a car together. If the window is small, should be supported, but that does not fly to avoid an accident.
Barriers to dogs, which are part of the back of SUVs and trucks most popular choice. It's a small dog that is kept only one in the back of a large vehicle theft and injuries, including a bit, though. For large dogs, which are heavier and require more space, it is probably as safe as in the field, and less stressful for many.
Seat belts for dogs is a relatively new idea, but very functional. Harness that human security is guaranteed allows dogs in the back seat without having to worry about passing through the driver's door move. And many dogs are not trained in the area, take the dish is much better than a box. Dogs should never ride in the passenger seat due to air bags.
No need to buy expensive equipment, if you will - you can protect your dog against the things you may have. Although safety belt dog belt are often supplemented by Cush and straps for walking, how can you do with it in a hurry. Simply secure the lock and human safety seat to keep the rent again. Put your dog seat belt and using a short rope or other line to ensure it is in human security. Dog on a leash with a collar as always.
Despite the growing awareness that other dogs, it is not safe for people are not even sure that most dogs lose the same way. If your dog does this, consider a change. Only a serious accident to regret their choice.

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