Thursday, March 10, 2011

Auto Maintenance and Repair

Taking care of your vehicle is the best way to ensure its long life and as-low-as-feasible repair bills for you.Your owner's manual should state recommended vehicle maintenance intervals and the good news is, newer cars are being manufactured that require less frequent maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance

When you buy a new car, certain maintenance may be included free under your warranty at a certain mileage or length of ownership; and when you lease, you may be required to meet these deadlines-the dealer wants to make sure when you return that lease car that it's in resellable shape.

If you're getting a vehicle you plan to take home the same day, don't even think of doing so without getting the okay from your insurer first.

Your fullcoverage policy may protect your new vehicle as you drive it off the lot and you may have a month to actually arrange coverage on the new car, but first verify the extent of your coverage and your responsibilities in switching the policy over with an insurer's representative.

Some bare-bones policies won't protect your new car, and you should allow at least a day or two between sealing the deal and taking delivery to get full insurance coverage set up with an agent.

Typical Insurances And Costs

The cost to insure a vehicle has traditionally differed by hundreds of dollars depending on location from just a few hundred dollars on average in some parts to close to a thousand in others and many people pay much higher-than-average rates. How much you spend is determined by factors such as:

The coverages you get

· Your driving record

· How many miles you drive

How long you've been licensed

Your age

What kind of car you have

Where you live

Domestic auto manufacturers alone are posting record profits topping $16 billion a year. A lot of money is pouring into profit margins, and this year some of it may be yours.

The objective is to pay a fair price-in this case, fair should be as little as humanly possible. The car industry is doing quite well, thank you, and you don't need to subsidize it.

One way you can pay a relatively measly amount for an automobile, if you're buying new, is to help out the dealer and the manufacturer. They've got a hot new model out that buyers are lining up for, ready to pay more than they should. You can take a slow mover off their hands (provided, of course, that it suits your tastes).

Manufacturers will let you know when their inventory numbers aren't balancing and they need to clear the decks, they'll put cars on sale, using rebates and other incentives.

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