Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Auto Maintenance Tips

Life without a car, seems impossible right? But how often do we actually take the time to check and maintain our most used mode of transport; not all of us do this religiously.

It is very important to take good care of your vehicle as it not only saves you from expensive repairs, but also reduces the possibility of getting stranded on the road.

Here are a few simple, easy to follow, effective auto maintenance tips that will ensure that y Tip 1: Keep Tire Pressure Up

Your tires bear the weight of your car and the brunt of the roads. Regular usage causes them to lose air pressure which needs to be checked periodically. Lesser pressure equals more resistance resulting in loss in mileage and faster wearing out of the tires.

Tip 2: Change the Engine Oil Often

Oil is the blood of your engine. Keep checking it for color and viscosity. Impurities in the oil over a period of time can lead to malfunctioning of the engine which can prove to be a very expensive fix.

Tip 3: Get the Engine Tuned

The engine light is there for a reason. Many times we tend to ignore it or put it on the backburner because the car ‘seems fine’. Would it make sense for the light to go on just before a total break down? Auto maintenance tips given by the gurus also emphasize on the engine tuning and checkup.

Tip 4: Check all Engine Fluids Often

There’s more to fluids than just engine oil. Brakes, power steering, transmissions all have lubricants which need to be checked for proper functioning. Don’t forget the antifreeze. Constant running of the vehicle cause dirt and debris to accumulate leading to internal corrosion. Fluids remove the corroding particles and maintain the internal temperature within acceptable range.

Tip 5: Check & Clean Battery Cables

Regular clean-up and check for corrosion and splitting will add years to your battery cables and to the health of the battery itself.

Tip 6: Check & Change Belts When Needed

A broken belt will stall your vehicle; this is how important they are. Have them checked for tears and signs of aging. Even if they don’t stop your vehicle, a poorly maintained set of belts can increase fuel consumption by up to 50%.

Tip 7: Keep Air Filters Changed

Filters serve the purpose of keeping dust and dirt out of your engine. Having them cleaned regularly increases your gas mileage and keeps the engine healthy.

Tip 8: Keep the Windshield Wiper Blades Fresh

You may not use them as often, all the more reason to check them and keep them ready for use. If the rubber wears out, the wiper may break and scratch your windscreen permanently.

Tip 9: Don’t Forget Seasonal Requirements

Even if you live in tropical weather all year round, you need to frequent the garage for tune ups. If you reside in places where the summers are radically different than the winters then you absolutely must have your car spruced up before the change of a season. For example, while you do not need antifreeze during summer, you will still need to check on the coolant.

Finally, Tip 10: Keep that Car in a Garage

It’s not storage; you can use it for that purpose as long as you can fit your car there as well. Keeping you car housed in the garage prevents extreme outside temperatures from affecting it; you save on air conditioning and defrosting. It also keeps the car safe from possible accidents such as falling tree branches and things hitting your car when kids play.

Auto maintenance tips are only as effective as you want them to be. You have to include them in your schedule and follow them diligently for best results.

during summer, you will still need to check on the coolant.

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